Narwonah Bridge Upgrade Timelapse

June 2017 - This ARTC commissioned timelapse video shows Rhomberg Rail's work upgrading the Narwonah Bridge. This was one of four bridges the structures team upgraded over three possessions.  The project was completed on-time, within budget and to the client's specifications.

Branxton Reconditioning Weighbridge Enabling Works

June 2017 - Rhomberg Rail Australia was commissioned by ARTC to reconditioning weighbridge works at Branxton. This timelapse video captures the work of the Hunter Valley construction crew working over the June possession.

IVES slab track technology revealed

Rhomberg Rail Australia is bringing the revolutionary IVES technology to Australia.  Created by parent company, the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, the IVES technology takes slab track to a new level.

V-TRAS smoothing the way into the future of rail

Rhomberg Rail Australia is introducing its VTRAS technology into a number of projects across Australia. This patented technology smooths the transition between slab track and ballasted track.