// Rhomberg Rail Australia to deliver track works for the Newcastle Light Rail Project

It’s exciting times for Rhomberg Rail Australia as the company ventures into the major projects space having won the track works scope for the large-scale Newcastle Light Rail Project.

It’s exciting times for Rhomberg Rail Australia! In addition to winning a number of key core business projects over the past several months, Rhomberg Rail is venturing into the major projects space having won the track works scope for the large-scale Newcastle Light Rail Project.  Contracted to Downer EDI, who was awarded the managing contractor role for this project by Transport for NSW, Rhomberg Rail is responsible for delivering the track works scope.

Rhomberg Rail has been contracted specifically to deliver the installation of all rail and special track including turnouts, crossovers, switch machines and insulated rail joints. The installation of all connections and cast-in items within the track slab are also within our scope of works. Additionally, Rhomberg Rail will deliver all track related concrete and reinforcement works as part of our contract, including supply and placement. Extensive electrical testing at various stages is required to guarantee functionality. This is an exciting project for the company and will utilise various measuring technologies of the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group including DigiBAR and Hergie.

The Newcastle Light Rail Project is a major development for the region. It not only involves 2.7 kilometres of double track, running from the Newcastle Interchange at Wickham to Pacific Park in Newcastle East, just 200 metres from Newcastle Beach, but also, the track works in depot and maintenance facilities. The light rail will follow the old rail corridor for approximately one-third of the route before moving onto Hunter and Scott streets. With high frequency turn-up-and-go services every 7.5 minutes during peak times, transporting 1,200 people per hour, this is a key infrastructure project for Newcastle. Rhomberg Rail Australia is proud to be part of this major project!