// New rail maintenance machine for Western Australia

Rhomberg Rail's new Plasser Unimat 08-275 3S Turnout Tamping Machine will be initially be utilised for track upgrade projects in Perth

Leading rail infrastructure company, Rhomberg Rail Australia (RRA), has unveiled a new, high-performance rail maintenance machine which delivers shorter track shutdowns and lower life cycle repair costs, for projects in Western Australia.

The Plasser Unimat 08-275 3S Turnout Tamping Machine, which was imported from Europe, will be modified at the Pacific National rail yards in Perth and initially be utilised for RRA track upgrade projects in Perth before being used in other WA regions including the Pilbara mining region for use on rail maintenance projects.

RRA Managing Director Garry Thuer said today: “We are pleased to be enhancing our existing fleet of rail maintenance machines with this new high-performance Unimat 08-275 3S machine for the market in Western Australia.

“The superior quality of the machine ensures that maintenance cycles are extended through the innovative switch maintenance required for the treatment of high-capacity switches and crossings.
“As a result, an increase in productivity is achieved through shorter track shutdowns and lower, overall life cycle repair costs.”