// A Job Well Done: Rhomberg Rail Australia’s Structures Team Delivers

Rhomberg Rail successfully delivers the upgrade of four bridges across Boomley, Mendooran, Narwonah, and Narromine for ARTC.

Earlier this year, Rhomberg Rail was commissioned by ARTC to upgrade four bridges across Boomley, Mendooran, Narwonah, and Narromine. As the principle contractor for this $2.4m project, Rhomberg Rail was responsible for ensuring all works were constructed to the bridge designs provided in a timely and safe manner – no small feat given the extent of work required, short time frame and external scrutiny as it was connected to the much larger Inland Rail Project.

The bridges included in the scope of works were in desperate need of upgrading as all had exceeded their life to sustain structural integrity for current and future train traffic. To improve the bridges, four pre-cast culverts were installed to replace the timber structures at all sites. Two of the sites required piling works with concrete headstocks to support the culverts, while the other two needed deep cut earthworks within a formation base to support the culverts.

The bridge upgrade project deadline was the end of June which, due to the late award of the contract, only gave our team three possessions to carry out the work. This short time frame meant that our crews had to work even more closely with our client and key subcontractors to ensure the project was a success. This positive working relationship the Rhomberg team fostered was invaluable when there was a design change prior to the construction phases. 

The design change was done in order to modify the loads to suit the future demands on the Inland Rail Network. Both Tomingley West and Narwonah are the starting points for the Inland Rail route and the bridges involved in this project sit on that same line. As such, it made sense to increase the axle loading capacity of the bridges now rather than follow the original designs which would have required the bridges to be replaced in three years’ time to accommodate the new loads of Inland Rail. This changed the size of the bridge with the individual culvert units much larger than they were originally designed. Having strong relationships with the clients, suppliers and subcontractors meant that we were able to adjust our orders and meet the updated scope of works.

The project was successfully delivered within the strict time frame allowed with no safety incidents and within allowed budget.  All four bridges are currently running successfully under rail traffic. 

The Rhomberg Rail Structures team has received strong positive feedback from both ARTC as well as the CEO of Inland Rail who visited site during a possession and told them personally what a great job they had done.

A time lapse video of the project can be viewed from our video webpage here