//Working with Rhomberg Rail

Sustainable business success depends on the right people carrying out roles which reflect their strengths. With all the individual strengths combined, a winning team  is created which delivers superior outcomes and satisfied employees as they carry out meaningful tasks which are connected to their values. 

Rhomberg Rail is committed to achieving the highest standards of managing effectively our human resources by encouraging business development, innovative technologies and entrepreneurial leadership throughout the organisation.

First class services provided to our clients and a culture of innovation guarantee our long term success. This is why we hand pick employees who share these ideals and this is why we expect and encourage our employees to develop further their strengths through continuous learning and training.

Rhomberg Rail offers employees the opportunity to continually develop in their careers and within themselves. Our employees work alongside other dedicated professionals, are exposed to ongoing relevant and effective training and are able to call upon the extensive Rhomberg Group resources.

Dynamic teams are formed through the variety of project and client demands providing ongoing opportunities for our staff to challenge themselves in a supported environment.

Please visit our job search tool or feel free to send us your application form - we are looking forward to hear from you.